Secret to soft, healthy skin- Meiji Amino collagen

I am a person who is not really interested in skin whitening, but I like to keep my skin look glowing and healthy. I used Amino Collagen after I ordered it from the website.

This product is really very good for people who want to keep their skin healthy as you can see the effects if you take it regularly. Amino Collagen is a powder that supposedly has some chemicals and ingredients that make the skin healthy, and after you use it, you can see the difference for yourself.

The important thing you need to keep in mind is the fact that your diet should be also kept in check otherwise this product is useless. If you are going to mix this product with oily food it is surely not going to work for you, so you need to control on those things. I initially used Amino Collagen on myself to see if it is safe or not and after I saw that it was a safe product and also a product that works.

Once again, this is only meant for people who want to keep a healthy skin. This product can curb new pimples from coming, but it does not make the existing ones go away. The best thing I liked about this product is that it is very good for softening the skin, so buy it if you want that. 

Pros: Good for soft skin

Cons: Expensive 


Teeth whitening: DIY

Whiten your teeth

Are the years of coffee and neglect starting to show on your pearly whites? Try these easy natural remedies and get your original smile back.

Try the banana peel treatment. Do not habitually discard the peel once you are done eating; rub the inner part on your teeth for about two minutes. Then brush your teeth with your regular toothpaste 15 minutes later. Do this twice or thrice a week and notice a visible difference. You can also rub a lemon peel on your teeth but do not use this technique more than twice a week. Lemons being acidic can cause the enamel to degrade if used too frequently.

Bring out your inner Bugs Bunny and chew on some crunchy carrots. Carrots help scrape off the built up plaque on your teeth. They also brighten your teeth and give you healthy gums. Baking soda is one ingredient that all dentists agree make your teeth brighter. Baking soda neutralizes acids and helps remove stains. Mix a pinch of salt with baking soda and use your toothbrush to brush your teeth with this mixture. Rinse it off in two or three minutes and enjoy the benefits!

Give these methods a try before you go in for whitening strips and chemical treatments. They’re easy and definitely safe!

Trend alert: Denim on Denim

The denim on denim look has been around for a while. I’ve seen many celebrities sporting this trend off lately but when I came across this picture of Rihanna, my jaws dropped.
She’s carried off this look so effortlessly and with so much élan. She looks absolutely stunning. So when I entered the Polyvore contest for The look for less- Denim edition. I just knew who my inspiration was going to be.
So take a look at my set and tell me what you think about it. 🙂Denim on denim